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Zycle Fix Bike Review

Zycle Fix

Zycle Fix Company was started in 2000s and this was a big deal because fixie bikes were at the prime of their popularity. The fixed gear bikes fell out of their top popularity position due to the gear bikes but the culture has sprouted thanks to the many different Hollywood pictures that have popularized the fixed bike. This is a good deal for fixie bike makers like Zycle Fix. The company’s mission is to get people on bikes and this is why they offer their fixed gear bikes at affordable prices.

Zycle Fix is an American bike company located in Los Angeles and is known for high quality bike and other products. The company has two main fixed gear brands and these have different models. There is the base model which is known as the Prime series and the other one is known as the Cobra Series. Before you buy a Zycle Fix bike, it is important to learn a few things about the company and the bikes they offer to make a more informed decision and end up with a high quality bike that meets your needs and preferences.

Riding Experience

The Zycle Fix fixie rides smoothly. The bike comes with wide tires and this helps in absorbing the impacts of the surface you are riding on especially when you are doing tricks or hopping up and down. The wide tires are the reasons why the bike is fit for racing and street riding. The bike comes with dish rims that are strong and can withstand a long period of abuse. With this bike you get a strong handlebar that is fitted with the brakes. The handle bars are constructed for comfort and fast riding.

The saddle you get is ergonomic and is constructed to properly fit your legs and provide comfort for long distance rides. This bike comes with a hi-tensile steel frame which is not the best frame you will have on a bike but is quite impressive for an entry level bike that is inexpensive. The ligh frames are made of chromyl steel which is lighter and stronger but can be expensive and this might not be good if you are on a budget. The hi-tensile steel is not all that heavy and for a commuting bike, it is a great option and the weight will not be a bother when riding or lifting the bike.

Fixed/Single Gear Feature

Zycle Fix offers the user some options. One of the options is the change of the bike from a single gear to a fixed gear bike. A fixed gear bike is a bike where the cog moves together with the wheel and the pedals. This means that as long as the cog is moving, the wheel is moving and the pedals are moving with them. You can ‘reverse’ the bike with the pedals as long as you can keep your balance. This explains why these bikes are great with tricks and popular in circuses.

If you do not want to keep pedaling even when it is not necessary, you will start missing the free wheel provided by the single gear bike. The Zycle fix bike comes with two cogs. One of the cogs is for the fixed gear bike and the other one is for the single gear option. If you want to enjoy the benefits of the free wheel when coasting around the city streets, you can change the chain to the single gear cog. To take care of this situation, the bike will have rear wheel brakes just in case you are riding the single bike option.


Zycle Fix bikes are artistically constructed and are quite interesting to look at. The bike comes with different handlebars depending on your preferences. You have a lot of fixed bike models to choose from. These models have their own unique colors on the rims, wheels, frames and seats. You can choose a color that best fits your preferences and your personality.

The company paints the bikes, puts stickers on them and odd sized and shaped handlebars which give the bike a unique look that sets them apart from their competitors. The components constructed using light materials which are geared towards making the bike light for different purposes. Zycle Fix combines the light materials, interesting colors and a cool look that makes them a popular bike brand and a good competitor in a market full of fixed bike brands.


There is no better news for fixie bike lovers than having a high quality bike that looks great with an inexpensive price tag. According to the Zycle Fix online shop, all fixie bikes have the same price and with $325, you can choose any of the fixie bike models listed on the site. You can also get one particular bike at $225, and this is one of the cheapest fixed gear bikes you will get in the market. For a bike made of high quality materials that are durable and comes with wider tires, the price tag is quite inexpensive.


The company claims to ride their bikes first before they sell them. They say the reason why their bikes turn out as cool as they are is because they pay attention to the smallest of details. The components high quality and are from Promax, Kenda and Neco. All the components and bike parts work together to provide a high quality bike that is fast and beautiful to look at.

Return Policy

You can return most of the new unopened items within a period of 30 days of delivery and get a full refund. If the reason you are returning the bike is the company’s error, they will pay the return shipping fee. This is only if the item was defective when you received it or you got an item that is not what you ordered. After you give the item to the shipping company, you will get your refund within 4 weeks.


Zycle Fix claims they can ship their bikes to any address in the world. They however state that you should keep in mind that there are some places that do not allow this kind of shipping and you need to research before ordering a fixie from them. The delivery time will be based on the availability of the bike and the distance the bike has to travel.

Zycle Fix bike Pros

  • Zycle Fix offers a wide range of fixed gear bikes and this give you a chance to choose a bike that meets your preferences and needs.
  • With the quality of the bike in mind, Zycle Fix bikes are some of the cheapest bikes you will get in the market. With as low as $225, you will get a high quality fixie.
  • The bikes come with a flip flop hub for people who would want to swap between the single and the fixed gear options.
  • Zycle Fix bikes are constructed in a cool shape that will turn heads in the street.
  • High quality components that make the bike durable.
  • The company ships worldwide.
  • They have a return policy that includes a full refund if the mistake is theirs and they’ll pay the return shipping post.

Zycle Fix Cons

  • The entry level bikes use hi-tensile steel for the frames and though this is not bad, it might be heavy for some people.
  • Not much information provide about the warranty.