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Vilano Bike Review

vilano bikes

Vilano is a bike company offering high quality fixed gear bikes. The company is one of the most popular fixed gear bike brands in the market and there a many reasons why. This company promises to provide a high quality bike at a cheap price. The combination of different aspects has led to the popularity of the bike among fixed gear bike enthusiasts. Vilano offers a number of fixed gear bikes to cater for the different needs of fixed gear lovers. The differences are in the handlebars, colors and frame style.

The company has built a name in the products they offer because they also have single speed bikes built in the popular fixie style. Vilano also offers gear bikes which makes the company the place you might want to go to for all your bike needs. Before you go out and buy a bike from Vilano, there are important things that you need to keep in mind to end up with the kind of bike that will meet your needs and preferences.


The most outstanding thing you will notice when you buy the Vilano fixies is the appearance. The bikes come with a stylish frame and wheels that are colorful to keep the stylish trend going. With this brand, you get about 7 color combinations for the fixed gear bike to choose from. This is aimed at providing a variety of choices just in case one color combination is not what you are looking for. Though there are people who do not really care about the appearance of a bike, you might want to choose colors that reflect your personality especially because you will be riding it in public.

Riding Experience

The main aim of having a fixed gear bike is to get a smooth stable experience while you are riding your bike. Vilano ensures that the bike’s construction is geared towards offering a smooth experience and you can expect an interesting ride from the fixed bike from this company. The bike is aimed at being used in the urban sprawls and when you ride it in this setting; you will enjoy the easy acceleration and smooth braking. The seat is comfortable and when this is combined with the smooth ride, you get an idea why Vilano is such a popular bike brand.

To be more specific, the kind of riding experience you will get is not for people who are deep into the details and specifications of the bike. The bike is therefore not the ideal bike for the elite bike riders who are more into the detailed specifications. If you are looking for a simple commuting bike or one you can use for exercises, then Volano will have what you need.

Unboxing The Bike

Unless you intend to ride the bike out of the store all assembled, you will receive the bike in parts and you will need to assemble the bike at home. Though the Vilano Fixie will come in parts, especially when you buy it online, you will have an easy time assembling it. Most of the parts are straightforward and you do not have to be a professional to setup the bike properly.

To ensure that you properly understand where all parts go and how to put them there, there are instructions to follow. You can easily access online videos which will be great in helping you assemble the bike properly. To complete the assembly, you will need a tool box with all the tools that you need to tighten the different parts. If you are not good at assembling, you can have someone experienced in this take care of the process just to make sure that all parts are tightly connected.

Components Quality

The Vilano fixie bike comes with high quality components that are aimed at making the bike more durable than other bikes in the same class. You can get a flip flop hub which will allow you to change your fixie bike into a single speed bike. This is quite useful for people who like the benefits offered by the fixie and also like the free wheel option especially when you just want to ride without having to move your legs with the pedals all the time. The fixed gear bike is not a perfect fit for areas that have hills but can be a great bike if you live in areas that have more flat areas than hilly climbs.

The bike’s brakes are solid and this makes sure that they will always work. If you are about the freedom that is offered by the traditional fixie, you can remove the brakes as long as you are good with the pedal braking and it is not illegal to have a brakeless bike in your area. The handlebars are designed in different shapes to provide a variety of options and you can choose any depending on your riding plans and comfort. The Vilano fixie bikes are the kind of bikes that do not require component replacements. If you feel that you need a specific component changed, the process is easy.

The Frame

Vilano Edge fixed gear bike, which is one of the most popular bikes from Vilano, uses hi-tensile steel. The frame will be quite heavy as compared to other materials but it is strong ad ideal for the kind of riding the bike is aimed for. All things considered, the bike is still lightweight and you can easily lift it to the top of your car or to a high storage space.


Vilano fixed gear bikes are some of the cheapest bikes in the market. The cheap price tag does not however affect the quality of the bike and its components. With about $250 you will get a Vilano fixed gear bike that has qualities that you can only find in more expensive bikes.


Vilano bikes are covered by a generous warranty which geared towards original buyers. The pedals and crank arms are not covered in the warranty and this means you need to be careful with these parts. The warranty will only be viable if you register your purchase because you will use the registration to make any claims, you can talk to the customer care service team for more details on the warranty and the bikes in general. Vilano customer care is always ready to answer questions and users have reported a smooth experience with the company’s customer care services.

Vilano Bike Pros

  • Vilano fixed gear bikes are some of the cheapest in the industry and you can get a good quality bike with below $300.
  • Assembly is easy and straightforward.
  • Vilano bikes are available in different color combination to provide a wide range of options.
  • Durable components that contribute to the smooth riding experience.
  • No branding labels on the fixie bike which is a great thing for fixie bike enthusiasts who like adding their own customized labels.

Vilano Bike Cons

  • Users have reported that the tires are too thin and this might be uncomfortable for some people.
  • Stock pedals are quite cheap and might need replacement.
  • For some people the steel frame can be quite heavy.