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SE Bike Review

SE bikes can trace its establishment back in 1970 when Scot Breithaupt, the founder of the company was only 14 years old. He organized a BMX race and this was the first in the many steps he made towards creating Scot Enterprises which is now SE bikes. The company boasts of experience especially because the founder has been a bike enthusiast for a long time. With almost 40 years in the business, SE Bikes has a wide range of bike and some of their popular models are the fixed gear bikes.


Fixed gear bikes, also known as fixies, are urban fashionable bikes that were made popular by movies. The company is all about simplicity and style. This is why their bikes take a simple design and use materials that are durable and stylish. Having been in the bike industry from a very young age, the founders of the company understand what riders want and this is how they manage to make some of the most popular bikes in the market. SE Bikes uses a touch of classic bikes mixed with modern geometry to create a bike that the modern riders will love and still keep the traditional parts that make the fixie bike famous.

Riding Experience

Riders who have had a chance to ride the fixie bikes from SE Bikes have reported that though the bike is not top notch, the riding experience is smooth. The company boasts of decades in the bike industry and this is how they manage to build affordable but good quality bikes. In most cases, when you find a cheap bike, the quality is not impressive. This is not the case with SE because the materials are carefully selected and this gives you a strong bike that you will love to ride.

The bike rides smoothly and it is quite attractive. The materials used to contract the bike are quite durable and minor shocks and crashes will not destroy the bike. This does not however mean that the bike can withstand the extreme riding habits because it is designed for the urban setting.


The bike might come incomplete because of the transportation convenience. Though this is the case, people who have bought the bike have said that assembly is one of the easiest they have done. If you plan to buy the bike you can be prepared for an easy assembly. The beauty of fixed and single speed bikes is that there are only a few parts that need to be assembled and with little or no bike knowledge, following a few instructions will make the assembly task easy. You will need to have a set of wrenches to assemble the bike easily. If you are not up to the assembly task, it is better if you take it to the closest bike shop to have it assembled by an expert.


SE takes a minimalistic design to keep the bike simple and light. These are some of the qualities that fixie bike enthusiasts look for. The frame takes an urban single bike design which is simple and reduces the weight of the bike. SE uses high tensile steel to make the frame and it comes with mounts for fenders and bottles. To appeal to the fixed gear bike lovers, the bike comes in bright colors. The fork is straight and has fender mounts.

Bike Parts

The bike’s crank set is alloy Euro cartridge and the pedals are FPD Resin. This bike will come with Kenda Kwest tires and radius alloy brakes with quick release. You will get a riser bar that makes it easier to pedal a fixed gear bike. For all those riders who love the SE classic seat, you will enjoy riding this bike because this is the saddle you will be sitting on. All the extras, including the brakes can be removed or attached according to your preferences. The bike is quite heavy for a fixed gear bike because it stands at about 27 pounds or 12.3 kilograms. This could be because of the high tensile steel and the extra attachments.


SE Bikes has a lot of bike models and fixed gear bikes are just a small part of the company. The fact that they have been around for a long time and established a strong brand does not affect their dedication to provide. SE fixed gear bikes are some of the cheapest bikes in the market in their category. With about $200 you will get a fixie from SE. The price will depend on where you purchase the bike because the company has dealers in different locations and they might vary in prices. The bike is not the best in performance and other factors but for $200, it is a great deal.


SE Bikes has a comprehensive warranty section on their website that indicates the warranty covers on the different bikes. The warranties are for the US buyers and international buyers. You will find the international warranties available in different languages to cater for the different needs of the buyers. Some of the important things to note in the warranty is that the rigid frames have a limited lifetime warranty and the components have 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. With most  bike brands having a 1 year warranty on the frame and about 90 days for the components, SE bikes has a great offer and this shows that they do believe in their bikes.

All the warranties will go through SE dealers. This does not have to be the dealer where you bought the bike because all SE dealers should be in a position to help with warranties and other important things.

SE Bikes Pros

  • SE bikes are some of the cheapest bikes in the market because with $200, you can get a good fixie bike.
  • The company has been around for almost 4 decades and this positions them at a better place in terms of research and experience.
  • SE offers great warranties on their frames and components.
  • The company has many dealers and there is a high chance that you will have a dealer close to you.
  • These bikes are shipped in the US as well as internationally. You however need to contact them to find out if they ship to your country.
  • The SE bikes are beautiful to look at and fit well in the fixie bike culture.

SE bike Cons

  • Most parts are not high quality and you might want to change them for a better riding experience.
  • The company does not offer as much information as you want about the fixie bikes on their site.