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Retrospec Bike Review

Retrospec is an urban bike company that deals with the design of components, manufacture and distribution. The company is located in Los Angeles. The people behind the company are bike enthusiasts and this explains the reason why their bikes are popular locally and internationally. Retrospec claims that they are committed to providing riders with high quality bikes that will meet their needs. The company pays attention to all the elements in the bike including the small parts. They test the bikes to make sure the experience is great and that the bikes are powerful and fluid for their customers.


Retrospec bikes are constructed using components from popular brands. The steel frame is designed without any flaws and the parts are welded together professionally to ensure that the bike not only lasts long, but is also comfortable to the rider. The company boasts of having tailor made finishes that are beautiful to look at and they have a testing team that checks the completed products for strength, safety, performance and durability. Retrospec has different types of bikes but their new and improved fixed gear bike is one of their strongest models.


The company claims that they hand pick all the components that go into their fixed gear bikes. This includes the saddle and the tires. The saddle is standard but provides the right support that you need to pedal a fixed gear bike. If you do not find it comfortable for your riding habits, then you can upgrade it to a more comfortable one that meets your needs. The tires are Kenda Kwest grade which have minimum resistance and come with v-shaped double wall rims.

This fixed gear bike comes with a strong reliable chain that will with stand the heavy pedaling that is common with fixed gear bikes. The bike comes with an integrated seat post and fixie freestyle Velcro straps. The company recommends that you take the bike to a professional bike shop to have the bike checked to ensure that the lockring and cogs are tight enough, wheels trued and the brakes adjusted for safety and a smooth riding experience.

Flip-Flop Hub

Riding a fixie bike is fashionable and interesting. Though this is the case, there are times when you will want to enjoy the benefits offered by a single speed bike. With fixies, you have to keep pedaling even when you do not need to. This can get you tired and make you miss the free wheel. With this in mind, a good bike is one with options and this is what Retrospec offers.

Retrospec fixie bikes come with a flip-flop hub which allows you to enjoy the fixed gear bike and when you need some coasting, you can flip the wheel and go for the single gear cog that allows freewheeling. You will have two bikes in one and you can ride whichever applies to your energy and mood.


The company carefully selects materials that result in a strong bike. The frame is hand build and is designed using high-tensile steel. The bike comes with front brakes which are made of alloy. The alloy handlebar is light and the stem is made of Promax alloy. This fixed gear bike comes with BMX style platform pedals that are fitted with BMX straps.


Retrospec is dedicated to providing high quality bike at affordable prices. Though their bikes are not the cheapest in the market, you can get a high quality durable bike with anything between $300 and $350. The price will be determined by where you are buying the bike because the company has a number of dealers.

Return Policy

The company has a 50 day return policy. The bike will be accepted if it is received within 50 days of purchase and has to be in its original packaging and in good retail condition. The company will not accept the bike after the 50 days period is over and if the bike is not in good shape. The refund will not include the shipping cost. If you do not like the bike you have received whatever reason, you can contact the company’s support team through email and provide the bike’s order number.

There will be no refund for bikes that are not fit for resale. The bike should be in its original packaging for the return policy to be executed. If you have damaged the bike, the company will not accept it back.


Retrospect has been in the bike manufacturing and selling industry for 5 years. Through their experience, they offer a warranty on the frame and fork for workmanship and material defects for 1 year from the date of purchase. All original accessories and components have a 60 day warranty from the date of purchase. The company claims that the bikes have been professionally designed and tested for safety and does not recommend the replacement of the different parts. Replacing any parts with components that are not original voids the provided warranty.

Customer Services

The company’s phone number is not readily available on their websites but there is a contact form that you can fill to get in touch with the support team. Retrospect has a responsive website where you can get all the information you need about the company, their bikes and components. They have a feature that helps you find dealers near you for an easier shopping experience.

Retrospec Bikes Pros

  • The bikes are relatively affordable and with between $300 and $350, you will get a cool fixie bike. The rice can be higher or lower depending on where you buy the bike
  • These bikes come with a flip-flop hub which is aimed at giving you an option of riding a fixed gear bike or a single gear bike that has a free wheel.
  • The company’s website is informative.
  • All parts are carefully selected to create a high quality durable fixed gear bike.
  • There are different colors to choose from and you can select one that best fits your personality and preferences.
  • The bike looks cool in design and you can choose a size that fits your riding habits and your body size.

Retrospec Bike Cons

  • The company offers a 1 year warranty which speaks volumes on the durability of the bike.
  • Apart from the website contact form, you will not get any other form of contact on the company’s site.
  • Bikes do not come with assembly instructions and this might be a drawback for people who want to do it themselves.
  • The paint job is not as durable as expected. Users have reported that the bike looks old after a few rides.