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Republic Bike Review

Republic Bikes

Republic Bike is a rather new company as compared to the other known brands in the market. Though the company is a newcomer, they have a variety of bikes to offers. The Aristotle fixie and Aristotle mixte fixie are the most popular bikes offered by this company. Because of the time the bike has been in the market, there is not much that can be said about their operations. The company breaks the tradition of bike making that makes them look like tools. They construct the bike parts with different aesthetic approaches and let the customers be part of this process.

To make the bike purchase process simple and more interesting for the customer, Republic Bike has a customization shop where you get to choose the different bike parts and colors you want to see on your bike. As a customer, your work will be choosing, swapping parts and let the company build it, box it and send it to you. Everything is assembled in the USA to make the delivery period shorter in this region. One thing for sure is that your bike will be built according to what you need and prefer. The company claims to offer affordable bikes that are different from traditional bikes in construction and in appearance.

3D Republic Bike Shop

This is probably one of the most important features offered by this website. The main purpose of this feature is to give you a chance to build your preferred bike and visualize it. You can click around the 3D space and rotate the bike to view all its sides. There is a components section where you get to choose the components you are interested in and change their colors. After you are through with the design work, which is quite interesting you can click on the +cart button to add the bike design to the shopping cart or you can share your design.

The Customization page will require Adobe Flash technology and if your device does not have this, you can easily switch to 2D view, which will still be interesting to use. This customization feature is designed to ensure that the customers are satisfied with what they get. The company believes in giving everyone what they want and need and their work is to provide the components and the consumers can select how their bikes will look like using the customization feature.

Building and Delivery

The building and delivery are always on a first come first serve basis and the time the company takes to build your bike purely depends on the people on the waiting list and the demand. You can have a look at the bikes page on the website to see how long it will take before you have your Republic bike at your door step. Unless notified otherwise, all the components and features offered by the company are in stock and your customization process will always be swift.

In case you choose components that are not available, you will be notified of a delay or asked to go with the available components for faster building and delivery. The delivery period will also depend on the distance from the assembly point to your location. The company claims to be building their orders in a period of 7 business days though this still depends on how many people are ahead of you in the waiting list.


Republic Bike bikes come partially assembled. Transportation is not always easy when the bike is fully assembled because it occupies more space. The bikes will be about 90% assembled and this means you will need to attach things such as front wheel, handlebar, adjustments and pedals. This means that you will require basic tools to connect all the parts before you can use the bike. If you are not experienced in assembling a bike, it is important that you involve the assistance of a professional to ensure that the bike is safe for riding.

Frame Sizes

Republic Bike claims that they are always trying to keep their fixed gear bikes within an affordable level and this is why they have a limit when it comes to their frames. For the fixed gear bikes, you will have to choose any of the sizes which include the extra small, small, medium and large. It is important that you know the right size for you before you order your ideal bike. Keep in mind that your body proportions will affect the size of the bike and you probably need to consider this.


Thanks to the customization feature, you will have multiple combination possibilities to choose from. The good part is that you get a chance to mix the colors and end up with a bike that best describes what you are all about.

Return Policy

The company accepts returns but you will need a return authorization number which is obtained by emailing them. The return will be acceptable within 30 days of purchasing the bike and the shipping and charges are non-refundable. The customer service team is always available to answer any of your questions for your satisfaction.


Republic Bike fixed gear bikes have frames that are covered by a one year warranty limited to replacement of defective components and workmanship. The original components and brand repair parts and other accessories have a warranty of 60 days from the purchase date.


Republic Bike claims to offer some of the cheapest bikes in the market. The company has a customization feature that makes the purchase of bikes simple and fun for the customers. For a Republic Bike fixie, you will pay around $399.

Republic Bike Pros

  • The company offers some of the most affordable bikes in the market.
  • You get a customization option that gives you a chance to select the appearance and size of your preferred bike.
  • The building and delivery time is reduced and this means you get your bike faster (according to the company, you only need to wait 7 business days though this might be longer depending on the waiting list and distance.)
  • The company has a return policy.

Republic Bike Cons

  • The company uses steel to make the frames and there are complains that there might be rusts in case the paint gets scratched.
  • Steel is heavy and this makes the bike heavy but since it is not for competition purposes, the weight might not be a big issue for most riders.
  • The company‚Äôs warranty is not impressive considering it is just one year and 60 days for some components.
  • The company is quite young in the market.