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Pure Fix Cycles Review

pure fix cycles

This is a bike company that mainly deals with fixed gear bikes. Pure Fix claims to offer the ideal bike and this is what the brand name is all about; a fixed gear bike at its purest form. The company offers their bikes straight from the manufacturer to the customer. This means that the cost of their products is lower because there are no middlemen. Pure Fix claims that the cheap price tag does not in any way affect the quality of their bikes.

The bikes from this company are simple and efficient. They are combinations of beautiful ideas and colors that result in stylish yet simple bikes that can be used for different reasons. These bikes are available in different colors and you can get anything from avant-garde to classic colors depending on your preferences. Pure Fix Cycles is all about making the world a greener planet to live in and this is why they are focused on the building bikes that are convenient for commuters, leisure riders and people looking for cycling exercise bikes. They claim that their bikes will be something you will be looking forward to riding because of the comfort the bike offers.

Custom Fixed Gear Bike

Pure Fix Cycles offers a customization option. This is geared towards customers who are not satisfied with the color and components of the bikes on sale. If you want a bike that feels more personal and has a style and appearance that meets your preference and reflects your personality, the customization process will be something you will love. With this option, you can decide on the color of different parts such as the frame, rims, wheels, grips and also choose a number of components and the handlebar style that you feel most comfortable with.

The process of customizing your new Pure Fix Cycles bike is easy and quite straightforward. It is as easy as clicking on the colors that you would want to see on your bike and selecting the components you feel comfortable with. You can preview your ideal bike after selecting the colors and components then order the bike if you are satisfied with the appearance. The customization process ensures that customers can build a bike they will be more attached to because they will have their personality reflected by all the personalized colors and components. This process is fun and interesting.

Riding Experience

Of course the bike will be difficult to pedal uphill because it does not have gears. The minor inclines that you swiftly climbed on a gear bike will be a physical workout that will need you to be standing on the pedals. However, the feeling you will get when cruising through the city streets will be rewarding and this is what makes the Pure Fix Cycles fixed gear bike a great option for commuters in the urban setting.

The bike’s frame is constructed using high tensile steel and the stock grips that are fitted in the handlebars are convenient in reducing vibrations that might be caused by the surface you are riding on. The company has done a great job in the bike’s geometry because he bike is not too aggressive, neither is it too upright. Your shoulders will therefore not be over-stressed and your elbows and wrist will always be relaxed.

In addition to the comfort offered by the bike, you will have a proper gear ratio targeted at providing smooth rides in the city setting. The bike does come with the default front brakes. Well, while this might be a good thing for the fixed gear bikes because having rear brakes does not make a lot of sense for this option, you might require the rear brakes if you have the option of changing the bike to the single gear option that has a free wheel.

Fixed/Single Gear Mode

Pure Fix Cycles believes in giving riders options. A fixed gear bike is constructed using the same design used in making the single gear bike. The only different is the cogs. Pure Fix offers bikes with two cogs, one for the fixed gear lovers and the other one for single gear enthusiasts who would like to enjoy the benefits offered by the fixie option.


Pure Fix Cycles is all about the appearance of the bike. To meet the needs and preferences of the customers, the company has different types of bikes and colors on the different parts. If you are not satisfied with the bikes that are already available, you can go for the customization option where you are given the ‘magic wand’ to change the color of the bike and choose appropriate handlebars depending on your preferences. This is a great feature for a company that sells bikes online and is a feature that fixed gear lovers will find quite interesting.


Pure Fix Cycles claims that they are all about providing bikes that safeguard the environment without putting a price tag that will require the customers to spend a fortune. With about $399 you can have the privilege of customizing your own fixed gear bike from Pure Fix. With about $350 you can get a good fixed gear bike from the list of the bikes that are on sale. Because a fixed gear bike is more of a tradition and a culture than the other types of bikes, the customized option is always better for most riders.

Customer Services

Customers who have purchased bikes from Pure Fix Cycles claim to have had a smooth experience and got their questions answered and their concerns addressed. You can reach the company through phone and through email just in case you need to contact them.


Pure Fix Cycles claims that they believe in their bikes to an extent of offering a lifetime warranty on their frames and a one year warranty on the components. This is probably one of the best warranties you will find in the market. The warranty is a sign that the company knows that their frame is durable and made of high quality materials. You will need to ask about the warranty details to learn more about the terms and condition and any other information that you might want to know regarding the bike.

Pure Fix Cycles Pros

  • Pure Fix Cycles bikes have a well-designed frame geometry that provides comfort and a smooth ride.
  • Perfect gear ratio for city riding.
  • The high tensile steel used in making the frame helps in dampening road vibrations.
  • These bikes are fitted with deep dish wheels which can handle different roads and last longer than most wheels.
  • Pure Fix Cycles has bikes that are appealing in appearance and you can customize one that meets your preferences.
  • The price is quite impressive especially considering the quality of the bikes and the warranty you get
  • The company offers a lifetime warranty on their frames which is quite impressive.

Pure Fix Cycles Cons

  • The saddle is not meant for long distance riders and might need a replacement. It is however perfect for city commuters.
  • The brakes will wear out fast and this will require a replacement, which will come at an extra cost.