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Mango Bikes Review

mango bikes

Mango bike brand was established by university friends Jezz and Ben. These are some of the shinning bike brands in the industry and the website claims that their bikes are not just a means to travel from one point to another; they are fashionable items a rider will want to be seen with. Mango bikes are aimed at providing the best quality fixed bikes while emphasizing on the customization element. The company was established with an aim of providing high quality bikes with lower price tags to cater for a gap left by the bike market.

Mango Bikes was launched in 2012 and is therefore a young company as compared to some of the more established brands in the market. The company sold out within the first few months of opening and this led to some customers waiting for about 3 months for their bike. Mango fixie bike scored quite high is test reviews with their major competitors with similar qualities being at least 3 times more expensive. The fact that Mango bikes are made of high quality materials, customizable and have cheap price tags makes them some of the most popular bikes in the market.


All the bikes from Mango Bikes are designed by the Mango design team. The company does not just buy factory frames and put their company sticker on them. This means that the frames are first tested for quality and designed with a purpose in mind. The resulting frame offers comfort in different riding positions and high quality overall bike component connections. The company is always working to develop better bikes for different target consumers. This is through the constant innovation and development processes aimed at creating perfect bikes with great qualities.

Customized Bikes

In addition to creating high quality bikes, Mango Bikes also concentrated on customization. Instead of getting the frame from a different manufacturer and combine other components and make a bike with their brand sticker, Mango Bikes specializes in building all the bike’s components and tests all of them before assembling them into a complete bike. The other good thing about this company is that your order will be processed to meet your personal needs. This means that the bike will have the brake in the right place, the gears working right and the chain tension properly set. For this reason, the company is not able to offer next day delivery because they will need to make adjustments to suit your needs and preferences.

Though the bike is custom made, customers have expressed the fact that the bike gets to their destination without much delay. In some cases, the bike will arrive faster than companies which do not customize their bikes. The basic model goes for around $300 to $500 and you just need to use their website to provide the qualities you might want to have on the bike and this is exactly what you will get.


Because of the customization factor and the fact that the company has all parts of the bike combined with popular brand names, they have multiple color combinations. Mango bikes are some of the most colorful bikes in the market and this makes them more fashionable and noticeable. The paint job which is the most noticeable thing in the bike is a flawless masterpiece. Since you can dictate the kind of colors you want, Mango Bikes is one of the best bike companies because of this element.

Other Features

Some of Mango fixed gear bikes have two cogs, one for the single gear feature and one for the fixed gear. This gives you the advantage of changing when you want to use any of the cogs. You can use the single speed cog if you want to enjoy the free wheel feature or you can go for the fixed gear cog if you feel like riding the bike without the free wheel feature.

Most Mango Bikes bikes do not have the quick release feature. The company claims that this is a protection feature because anyone with wrongful intentions will have a hard time stealing the bike’s wheels. The bike also has tension bolts which are used in setting the tension of your bike depending on what you prefer.

The bike is light in weight and can be carried with one hand just in case you need to lift it and place it at a higher storage space. You can also choose a bike with brakes and just in case having a fixed gear bike without brakes is illegal in your state or country.


All frames and forks from Mango bikes have a 3-year warranty. The company also offers warranties on different components. A company that offers warranties on their parts shows that they believe their parts are made with high quality durable materials such that they are willing to replace or repair them in case they break or malfunction within the warranty period.

Customer Services

Mango Bikes takes pride in taking care of their customers before and after they buy bikes from them. The company has a lot of useful information for people looking for high quality bikes. The customer care service team is always ready to answer questions and guide customers towards choosing a bike that meets their needs. Since Mango Bikes designs their bikes, when customers call them, they can answer any questions about the bike parts and their functions.

Mango Bikes Pros

  • Easy straightforward online buying process to make it easy for anyone to order the bike.
  • Customization allows to you choose different features that you want on the bike to get a personalized bike including the colors on the frame.
  • Because of the flashy colors on most Mango bikes, these bikes are highly fashionable
  • Mango Bikes offers warranties for their bikes and this shows that they believe in what they offer.
  • The company designs and manufactures their own parts and this means that they test their parts before assembling the bike.

Mango Bikes Cons

  • The company is relatively new and this means that the longevity of the bike is not tested enough.
  • Tires might not be the best options for wet weather.
  • The saddle might be uncomfortable for some people