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GT Bikes Review

The American Conglomerate GT Bikes was established in 1979 with an aim of providing high quality bikes and innovations in the bicycle world. This company was founded by a bike shop owner and a welding engineer and has passed through a number of companies before reaching its current position. The company offers a number of bike type sand models all geared towards service different groups of riders.GT Bikessponsors a number of riders in cycling events.


Bikes are quite expensive and you do not buy them often. This iswhy you need to make sure that you are buying a high quality durable bike. This is exactly what GT claims to offer with their fixed gear bike model.The company has been in business for a long time and this means that they have witness a good part of the modern evolution of bikes and the rise of the fixie bike. With this in mind, GT Bikes has made it a point to appeal to all groups of riders with their bike models including the fixies.

Riding experience

Most people who have used the GT fixed gear bike have reported a greatsmooth riding experience. The bike is sturdy and strong and will absorb most of the minor shocks in the urban setting. The saddle is comfortable and the handle bars are designed to allow you to pedal with strength because fixies can be quite hard to pedal especially when you are on a climb.There not much that the GT bikes will offer that you will not get in their fixies. The most outstandingdeference is most probably the design of the bike.


GT Bikes takes a different approach when it comes to the bike’s frame. While most bike brands use the basic diamond construction, GT is all about uniqueness and innovation. The company has a triple triangle frame setting that makesthe bike look different. This construction is what tells the bikes from GT bikes apart. Apart from the look, this design will not affect your riding experience in any way. This design also helps in distributing pressure evenly and increases on the strength in general. The construction of the frame is from a single piece of metal and this reduces the chance of the frame gettingdamaged due to multiple joints.

Beneath the surface that you see, the bike gets carbon fiber reinforcements that are aimed at absorbing shock and bumps that you come across in your riding route. The company apparently pays great attention to the riders experience and this is what has helped in the creation of a bike that many riders love. The efforts they put in the contraction of the bike can be explained clearly by the popularity of their fixed gear bikes. Though the intricate parts of the construction process might not be of any importance to most riders, the qualities that the bikes have worked positively for the brand and its models.


The different construction of the bike is enough to make you want to try riding one and buying it for its uniqueness. The bikes come in different colors and when this is combined with the triple triangle construction, you get an amazing bike that is beautiful to look at. The bike is not as aggressive as most fixed gear bikes and will look more of a road bike than fixie bike.

Bike Parts

The GT fixie comes with a triple triangle frame constriction with butted down tube, chain tension adjusters and steel reinforcement. This bike comes with allow track pedals with toe clips and leather straps. You will get a KMC chain and high profile rims. The fixies comes with ariser handlebar which is great for fixed gear bike pedaling.Youwill be sitting on a GT wings freestyle saddle which is quite comfortable.The saddle is attached to an alloy micro adjust seat post. If for any reason you do not like any of the components, you can change them but this might void the warranty.


GT bikes offers limited but reasonable warrantied on their bikes. The cover is on normal wear parts that might have a defect from the factory.Anything that will fail as a result of the defects from the factory will be covered by the warranty. The company goes ahead to describe what they consider reasonable.

Any damage resulting from misuse and subjection to conditions the bike is not designed for will not be covered by the warranty.The warranty will not cover damage resulting from accidents, misuse, abuse, impact, normal wear and tear, neglect and anything that breaks during jumps, stunts or improper assembly and maintenance. Modifications on the bike will void the warranty. You can visit the local dealer for assistance with warranty and other issues.

Customer Service

The company makes a point of addressing customer concerns and this might be the reason why there are no major complaints. Youcan email the company using the contact form on their site. Another thing that makes the company’s customer service better is the fact that you can have your issues resolved by their dealers.


The GT fixie is definitely not the cheapest fixie bike in the market. If you are looking for a high quality bike that is affordable, you will love the GT Bikes Fixe.. For a new GT Gutterball fixie bikeanything around $300 depending on where you buy it. Well, if you like the construction, design and the bike in general, the price tag is a great deal for you..

GT Bike Pros

  • The GT fixie is among the affordable bikes in the market and with only $300, you will get their Gutterball fixed gear bike.
  • This Fixie bike comes with a unique construction. The triple triangle frame is different and you will boast of a different ride.
  • The frame is designed to reduce damages to the joints caused by impact and shock.
  • The company offers warranties on reasonable damages that are as a result of defects from the factory.
  • GT Bikes has been around for a long time and this means it is a solid brand. This explains the popularity of their bikes.
  • The bike’s construction makes its strong and sturdy.

GT Bikes Cons

  • The different frame construction is not popular with people who love the classic fixie frames.
  • You will not find a lot of reviews about the bike online and this can be tricky especially when you want to know theexperience of other people who own the GT fixies.