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Critical Cycles Review

critical cycles

Critical Cycles is a bike making company located in California, to be specific in Los Angeles. The company designs and manufactures their bikes. Critical Cycles claims that they choose all the parts carefully and build a complete bike which they sell to their customers directly. The reason why they sell directly is to reduce the cost of the bikes which might be inflated by the existence of the middlemen. The company offers a wide range of bikes geared towards commuting in the city, exercise riding and leisurely cycling. The company sells their bikes online and this makes the shopping process easier.

Critical Cycles bikes are available in different sizes, shapes and colors to meet different needs. If you are interested in a fixie bike, you will have a variety of fixies to choose from and not have to spend a fortune on the bike of your choice. The company has multiple positive reviews from customers who have purchased their bikes and this is a sign that most people who ride the Critical Cycles fixie are satisfied with what they got from the bike.

The Riding Experience

The fixie bike from Critical Cycles has BMX styled handlebars and this makes it one of the most comfortable fixies you will find in the fixie bike market. This bike is as fast as what you would expect the road style track bikes to be but more comfortable thanks to the high rise handle bars. The bike is lightweight and this makes it easy to maneuver tight spots especially in the urban setting. The gear ratio is not suitable for hill climbs but it is perfect for flat cruising. If you live in areas with more hills than flats, you will need to stand on the pedals a lot.

The bike comes with pedal straps for those moments when you need to crank harder and pull up the pedal. The straps might be highly useful but you might find them cumbersome and small if you have a larger foot.

Bike Assembly

The Critical Cycles bike comes in a box with a website address that will direct you to an assembly video. Though the video is not for the Critical Cycles bike, it is meant for the fixed gear bike. The company promises they will have a video specifically for their fixed gear bike and you should check on their site to see if the video is already up. This bike will have the brake cables installed in the brake lever and you can skip this part in the video. The bike will come with basic tools which you can use to assemble it without requiring extra tools. If you are not good at assembling, you can have a professional assemble the bike for you so that all the parts are assembled properly.


The company offers a basic seat which a good number of people describe as quite stiff. Though this is the case, they still say that it offers stability and comfort and they generally like it. The handlebars are designed using the appearance of the traditional BMX handlebars and this is something that adds to the comfort of the bike. The toe grips connected to the pedals might be uncomfortable for some people because most riders end up removing them. This can be easily done using the tools that come with the bike.

Bike Durability

The bike comes with a TIG-welded steel frame. This bike’s frame is sealed to protect it from dirt and moisture. The sealing is aimed at ensuring the bike does not fall victim to rusting. Most riders love the Promax brakes the bike is fitted with but they claim that the brakes need to be replaced sooner than most of the other types. The stock tires also score well with Critical Cycles bike owners claiming that they are great quality. The company uses deep V rims that are double walled to enhance strength and rigidity. Some users have claimed that the rims are more on the aesthetic side than on the strength side though they generally said they were durable.


Critical Cycles is a company that focuses on providing some of the cheapest fixed gear bikes in the market. You can get a bike between $180 and $220. This is quite inexpensive especially considering the price tag on other bikes from other popular brands. If you are looking for a high quality fixed gear bike and you are on a budget, this might be a bike you will want to consider and not sacrifice anything.

Customer Care

Most customers have reported a good experience with the customer care service team at Critical Cycles. The team answers questions through email and phone calls and you will have a smooth time asking any questions regarding the bike or the buying process.


Critical Cycles offers a warranty for their bikes on the fork and frame on workmanship and materials for 1 year from the time you purchase the bike. All the other original parts and accessories have a warranty for free from defects in workmanship and materials for 30 days. You can ask the customer service team at Critical Cycles about the warranties on different parts for a better understanding.

Critical Cycles Bike Pros

Critical Cycles bikes have price tags that really stand out and for something around $200 you will get a high quality bike.

According to customers, the parts are strong and durable.

The BMX handlebars are high quality and make the bike more comfortable.

The bikes parts are properly welded and this means that it is clean and looks well built.

Critical Cycles offers a number of different colors and this means that customers have a wide range of bikes to choose from.

The overall handling of the bike is quick and comfortable and you do not have to deal with twitchiness.

Critical Cycles Cons

  • The fixie bike from Critical Cycles has rear wheel brakes something that users find unnecessary especially because it is a fixed gear bike.
  • The brake pads are not as durable and most people would want them to be and require replacement sooner.
  • For people who use the bike without straps, the pedals might be all that comfortable especially because they are not flat on both sides.
  • The bike might not be suitable for areas that have more hills than flat areas.