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Crew Bike Co Review

crew bike

Crew Bike Co. is a new cycling company and a lifestyle brand located in Southern California. The company is one of the youngest bike companies around but has done quite well in the market. Unlike most of the bike companies you will find in the fixed gear industry, Crew Bike Co. offers a frame set. This means that you will most probably be dealing with a frame set alone and you will get other components elsewhere. If you already have wheels, pedals and the chain, you can get a fixed gear bike frame from Crew Bike Co. and assemble your own bike at home.

Though the company is a newcomer compared to other bike companies in the market, the crew working for Crew Bike Co. has more than 20 years of experience in the bike industry. The company is dedicated to providing high quality products and offers them at competitive prices. All the products are designed and tested by a professional team to ensure that they are ready for the track, trail or streets. You can get all the components from the company and assemble a high quality bike.


This company has a different approach where they offer the frames separately. If you are interested in upgrading your bike, changing the frame is one of the easiest ways to have a different bike. The company has a pro kit which comes with a high quality bike frame with handlebars and a saddle. The frame will weigh about 2.9 kilograms (about 6.4 pounds) and this is quite light. This simply means that depending on your wheel set and the components you decide to add, the complete bike will weigh around 16 pounds or about 7.3 kilograms.

The pro kit comes with carbon fiber components such as the carbon fiber seat post from Crew Bike Co., Crew Bike Co. carbon fiber fork, and a saddle with carbon fiber rails from Crew Bike Co. The company gives attention to all the minor details and this includes the CNC seat post clamp and the CNC stem. You can complete the frame kit with a track, riser bar, pursuit or compact road handlebar depending on your needs and preferences. The frame is constructed using track geometry and this means that with the right component combination; you will have fun on the velodrome as well as the streets.

The frames are strong and durable. They will handle different riding plans and tolerate abusive roads. The secret is in the components you add to the bike and this is why the company recommends that you buy their frame and combine it with the high quality components they offer. This is if you do not already have your own components.


The appearance of a fixed gear bike is an important aspect in the fixie world. This is why Crew Bike Co. ensures that they provide bike frames in different colors. From white, gloss black to raw and celeste, you can get different colors that will meet your needs. Though most people do not want any branding on the frame so that they can add their own personal logos, the Crew Bike Co. frame will come with ‘Crew’ on the frame but is does not look bad at all. The construction of the frame is clearly thought through and this gives the bike a great appearance. When combined with the right components and wheels, you will have a strong bike that looks beautiful and turn heads.


The main difference between Crew Bike Co. and most of the other cycling companies is the fact that they offer their bikes in parts. After you have looked at the frames and selected a frame that makes you happy in appearance and meets your needs in construction and strength, you can go through the different components to complete the bike.

In the components section, you will find high quality carbon fiber Crew foks, CNC stems, handlebars (compact road, bullhorn, riser bars, and track drop). You will also find high quality saddles, wheel sets and handlebar tapes. Your work will be to choose parts that will match well with your bike frame and meet your needs. Each part has a price and you can choose the cheapest parts to make sure the complete bike is cheap.

Customer Service

Though the company has done a good job in creating a responsive and fast website, they have not offers enough contact information. You can only contact them through the email on the website and there is no phone number, live chat or any other contact method. Though this is the case, consumers who have had a chance to buy bikes and parts from this company have not complained about customer services. This could be the case because the company is rather new but only time will tell.


Pricing for Crew Bike Co. is a different approach especially because the company offers different parts separately. If you want a complete bike, there are sellers who choose different parts and assemble the bike ready to be on the street. You can get a fully assembled Crew Bike Co. fixed gear bike at about $379. If you want to select the different parts, most frames range between $150 and $199 without the fork and the handle bars. A kit consisting of a seat post, saddle, fork and handlebars will cost about $400. You can then select the wheel sets for $120 and other components to complete the bike. Though it is a good thing to choose the different parts to complete a bike that you will love, it might be cheaper to choose the complete bike.

Crew Bike Co. Pros

  • The company has an amazing approach to the bike sales where they offer different components separately and you can select the parts you like to complete a bike you will love.
  • The frame is made of light materials and this reduces the overall weight of the bike.
  • Complete bikes offered by sellers are quite inexpensive compared to other bike brands with similar qualities.
  • The bike is attractive in general and comes in different colors that are aimed at making an impression in the fixed gear bike world.

Crew Bike Co. Cons

  • The company is young and determining the longevity of their bikes and parts might be a little bit difficult.
  • You will not find information about the part warranty and return policy on the website and this is a drawback because you will not find out how long the company believes their parts will last.
  • Buying the different parts separately to assemble a bike might be expensive and the bike might cost over $600.
  • The company does not offer enough contact information methods and this might be a challenge for people who want to contact them.