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Big Shot Bike Review

Big Shot Bikes

Big Shot is an online bicycle company that sells fixie bikes and other types of bikes. The company does not offer a wide range of options in relation to components but you will have a variety of color combinations to choose from. The company claims to have some of the most beautiful bikes and this can be because of the multiple color combinations you can choose from. To make this process easy and fun for their customers, they have a customization feature which allows you to select different colors for the different parts of the bike.

Big Shot bikes boasts of being among the first companies to offer the customization features and promises that their bikes are made using high quality components that will last long and serve you properly. The bike assembly process and quality control is done in the USA, to be specific in Fort Collins, Colorado. The company displays its address publicly on their website and says that their warehouse is open to the public during business hours. The company also claims that their bikes are aimed at meeting the needs of a first–timer and a seasoned rider. Their bikes are available at affordable price tags and you will not have to pay a fortune to get a high quality fixed gear bike.

Customization Features

Fixed gear bikes are trending in different parts of the world and Big Shot Bikes has added an interesting twist to this trend. Customers can personalize their bikes before the bike is sent to them. This is enabled by the customization feature you will find on the company’s website. The feature allows you to combine different colors for the bike’s rims, tires, chain, handlebar, fork and frame. This will result in a colorful bike that does not only reflect your personality, but also follow the tradition of the fixie bikes which is just different from the typical bikes.

The customization interface is pretty easy to use even for novices because you just need to click on the part and change the color. There is a large bike image which gives you an idea of what your bike will look like. This feature gives you the power to ‘build’ your bike in terms of appearance and this will leave you more connected to your bike since you will have your personal preferences met.

Riding Experience

Users who have used the Big Shot fixie bike have reported that the bike’s parts are made of high quality materials because the bike is durable. Some users have said that the bike is still great after 1 year of purchase with the tires still intact. The bike comes with front and rear brakes for enhanced safety. This is mainly because the bike might come with two cogs; one for the fixed gear option and the other one for the single speed option for those moments when you miss the free wheel. Most positive reviews indicated that the bikes parts will last long and this is a sign of superior quality part.

Because of the high quality construction and the superior quality parts, the bike rides smoothly. The experience you get riding a fixie bike is determined by a number of elements and Big Shot seems to have figured these elements and made a fixie bike that is smooth and quite interesting to ride. You get tension adjusters to choose the right chain tension that works for you. This feature is crucial in fixie bikes because it determines just how smooth your ride will be.

Ordering And Assembling

Ordering the Big Shot fixie bike is a fun process especially because of the customization feature. You just need to go to the customization interface and choose the colors you prefer on the different parts and then order the bike. Big Shot has revolutionized the world of online bike shopping and you will get the bike within a short period of ordering.

Because of packaging and transportation, the bike will not be complete. You will need to assemble it. You’ll be required to install the saddle, pedals, front wheel, brake levers, and inflate the tires. This is a straightforward process and will only require basic bike tools. It is however important to take the bike to the local bike shop to have it checked. You can get a simple installation video to assist you in the process. If you are not good at assembling or you do not have the right tools you can have a professional handle this for you.

Building Time

The company states that they process orders on a first come first serve basis and the time it takes to have your bike built will depend on the demand and the waiting list. Though this is the case, Big Shot clams that they generally deliver bikes within 3 days after you have made your order.

Customer Support Services

The company offers customer support through live chart options on their website, email and phone. Customers can ask any question about bikes or raise their concerns about a bike they have purchased from the company. Big Shot claims that they will go to any lengths to ensure that their customers have a pleasant bike purchasing experience and this is a great gesture from an online company.


The fixie bike from Big Shot is averagely price and you can get a personalized one for around $430. This is a fair price tag considering that you get to select the colors you want on the different parts and you also get to enjoy the high quality parts. The only drawback when it comes to the price you pay for the bike is how you pay it. The company only accepts major credit cards. You do not have any other payment method.


Big Shot bikes have a one year warranty on the fork and frame that covers defects, workmanship and construction flaws. The warranty is only available to the original purchaser. All the components have a 60 day cover. The parts covered by the warranty will however need to get approved because the company does not cover bikes that have been run over by your car, crashed or bikes that you rode off the roof.

Big Shot Bike Pros

  • The company has a customization feature where you can choose all the different colors you want on the bike parts and this helps make the bike more personal.
  • According to consumer reports, the parts are high quality and durable.
  • The bike can come with two cogs, one for the fixed bike option and the other one for the free wheel single gear option.
  • There is a tension adjuster to set the chain right for the fixed gear mode.
  • High quality customer care support services to have your question answered and concerns addressed.
  • Fast building process and delivery. The company claims to process and deliver your bike in 3 days.

Big Shot Cons

  • The one year warranty is rather short for a bike they claim to be durable.
  • The company only accepts major credit cards as the payment option.
  • At 23 pounds (10.43 kilograms), the bike might be heavy for some people.