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Aventon Bike Review

Aventon Bikes

Aventon is a young bike company dealing with high quality bikes. The company was founded by two college students who have similar bike ideas and a passion to develop better bikes. The two founders have a strong background in the manufacturing of bikes and a will to push the fixed bike idea further with their own special style. The word ‘Aventon’ is Spanish for a ‘push’ or ‘give a ride’. The mission of the company is to push the bike industry a notch higher with their products. Augusto Peraza, the co-founder of Aventon is experienced in the bike world and therefore understands the needs of different riders.

Together, the founders of Aventon have worked on a new bike frame that draws different aspects from their favorite bikes. The frames are therefore stronger and more appealing to look at. The frames are designed and constructed by professionals. The crafting is through hydro-foaming technology and this is combined with high quality welding, polishing and the use of low temp painting. The resulting bike is durable, fun to ride and competes well in a market full of bike brands.

Riding Experience

The framesets provided by Aventon have been the choices of most track heads, street smashers and crit racers since they were introduced to the market. The bike comes with an oversized 6061 alloy which endures that there is no flex when you are on a sprint. The alloy still keeps the frames strong for street riding. The frame comes with all the essentials that you need to get the assembly process gong and with a few tight bolts and nuts; you will be on the bike enjoying all that it has to offer.

All riders have their own riding needs and preferences and an approach they follow with every type of bike. What matters most is the experience the bike offers when you are riding it and with the light frame, you do not have to worry about the extra weight that comes with the high tensile steel used in other bikes. Lifting the bike to the top of your car or just to carry it will be an easy task and the light materials do not compromise the strength of the bike in general.


Aventon is quite serious when it comes to the construction of their frames. The bike’s frame is a combination of different ideas from different bikes to get the best in one unit. The company pays attention to the smallest detains and this is what makes their frames unique. A quick look at Aventon bikes will tell you that the frame is strong but what you might get wrong is the weight. The tubes used to make the frames are wider than most of the frames used on other bikes and this might give an impression that the bike is heavy. The aluminum frame makes the bike strong but heavy at the same time.

Color is one of the most important things when it comes to fixed gear bikes. This is because the fixie culture has been all about colors. In the world of bike colors, Aventon does not disappoint. The company has different colors on their bikes to cater for the different needs and preferences of riders. From satin black that is unnoticeable to satin green which will always be noticed, you can choose different colors that are interesting to you and match with your intended use. Keep in mind that a dull bike will be less noticeable and thus less likely to be stolen especially if you have to leave it outside. A colorful bike will be noticeable but is a great bike if you take care of it and it if is meant for fun activities such as tricks and races.

Important Bike Features

The bike uses an Aluminum frame which is not only light, but strong enough to handle all the tough activities. The fork is also made from aluminum and is light and strong. If you are a person who loves to pedal with strength and get the bike on a fast move, then you will love the Pursuit bullhorn handlebar that allows you to push stronger on the pedals. You can also choose the push aero drop handle bars that also enhance your pedaling strength.

The bike will come with front and rear road brakes which you will install as you assemble the bike after unpacking. While most fixies come with a single brake for the front wheel, the Aventon bike has both brakes because of the flip-flop hub that allows you to change from fixed gear to single gear. If you sometimes enjoy the free wheel when riding your bike, then you will definitely love the flip flop hub because you can just loosen a few nuts and your bike will change from a fixed gear bike to a single gear bike that allows coasting. The bike is fitted with BMX pedals which are high quality and comfortable.


Though the Aventon bikes are not the cheapest in the market, they are inexpensively priced and users have said that they got a value for their money. Aventon has two main models; the Mataro and the Cordoba. You will pay around $420 for the Mataro and with about $380 you will be a proud owner of the Cordoba. The pricing will of course be affected by the kind of bike you are buying and where you are buying it because different sellers have varying price tags.

Shipping And Return Policy

The company only ships bikes to the US and Canada. This is quite a disappointment to customers who would like to have the bike shipped to other countries.

The company offers 14 days for you to return the bike in case you do not like it. They will only accept items that have been purchased from them and this means that you should consider this when buying the bike from other sellers. You should also pack all the elements when returning an item.


Aventon claims that the warranty you get will depend on the bike you have purchased and the laws that govern the country or state you have purchased the bike in. you get a lifetime warranty for the fork and frame for defects on workmanship and materials defects but only if you are the original purchaser. You can have a detailed explanation on the warranty terms and conditions that govern the issuance of warranties from this company.

Aventon Bikes Pros

  • Aventon builds light strong bikes that can be used for different activities.
  • The bike is a combination of different styles from different bikes and this makes it a unit with great benefits.
  • Aventon bikes are averagely priced as compared to other brands.
  • Comes with both front and rear wheel brakes and a flip flop hub for a convenient change from fixed to single gear.

Aventon Bike Cons

  • As compared to the other bike brands, Aventon is quite young in the market and there is nothing much to say about the longevity of the bike or parts.
  • Though the bikes are quite cheap, they could be cheaper considering the materials used to make them.
  • Only ships to the US and Canada.