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6ku Fixie Bike Review

6ku bikes

6ku is a bike company located in California, United States. The company believes that everyone should be riding a bike and this must be the reason why they are focused on providing high quality bikes at an affordable price. The company has a streamlined business setting where there are no middlemen and this is one of the main reasons why the price tag on their bikes will be highly competitive as compared to bikes in the same class.

The bike is a combination of strong high quality materials and high quality components. The bike offers exceptional value and quality and this explains why it is quite popular. The simplicity of the bike and the high quality construction makes it one of the most popular fixed gear bikes for pros and novices. Users have said that the 6ku fixed gear bike is fun to ride and with the price tag, you do not have to worry about the bike getting stolen as you would with a $7000 specialized bike. Regardless of the price, the bike is still great for all kinds of riding such as leisurely cycling, exercise biking and city commuting.

Riding Experience

The bike is fun to ride according to users who have had a chance to own it. The bike has a noticeable response to leaning. This is because of the steep head tube angle. When you are riding the bike and you lean right, the bike will quickly turn to that side. This is the case even when you are leaning just a little bit because the bike will turn a lot. This is of course weird at first but as you get used to it, you will love the responsiveness. With most bikes, you need to turn the handlebars a bit and this slows you down and makes the control difficult. With a 6ku fixie bike, you will only need to lean and the turning will be swift and easy.

Apart from the responsive leaning, the bike has great pedals which make it easy to mount and dismount from the bike. The pedals also make the riding better and the steering easier, and all these contribute to a controlled and balanced ride. If you want to use the bike for racing, it might be a good idea to upgrade the handlebars to pursuit bars or bullhorn bars which will allow you to be in a position that encourages more aggressive pedaling for a powerful forward propelling.


6ku Bikes offers different sizes of bikes to cater for everyone who is looking for a comfortable bike. This simply means that you will get anything from 43 centimeters (4’9”) to 61 centimeters (6’5”) and anything in between. If you do not understand how size works in the bike world, it is important that you do some research to get an idea of what size will be comfortable for you. This is company ensures that they provide bikes that meet their customer’s needs and this is why they have a wide variety of sizes.


The 6ku fixed gear bike comes with thick 28c tires which are great for tricks and offer more grip when you are on the road. The tires will also enhance the absorption of concrete vibrations better. The absorption and the balance will give you a better and tolerable riding experience. The thicker tires will allow you to jump up and down and you will not need to worry about a blown tube. The tires are built to withstand shock and this is the main reason why the bike will be ideal for different riding needs including people who want to perform a few tricks on the bike.


6ku bikes are some of the most beautiful bikes to look at. These fixed gear bikes come with different colors. The bikes are available in bright colors for people who would like to be noticeable. If you prefer to be unnoticeable, there are dull colors like black which will blend in well with the environment. You can choose between different color combinations and you are guaranteed to find something that works for you. From golden rims to light blue frames, 6ku bikes are versatile and it is easy to get something that will be in line with your preferences.

Fixie To single Gear

The rear wheel is fitted with a flip flop hub which has become a necessity in the bike world. This is aimed at providing options which will let you enjoy the free wheel offered by the single gear cog and the fix gear benefits offered by the fixed cog. There are times you will want to coast around and there are times you will need the fixed gear bike and this is what makes the 6ku a special bike.


The biking world is full of bikes with different prices. If you have been shopping for a bike, then you must know that most bikes cost over $300. 6ku bikes have changed the meaning of cheap bikes because with just $199, you will get this high quality bike. The good news is that you do not have to be afraid of the componentry and the bike in general. The price of the bike will not in any way affect the quality of the bike. According to most users, a bike with such good qualities is quite inexpensive especially comparing it to other bike brands in the same category.

Customer Services

The bike is great and its qualities are impressive but the company has done little to build a website that has information that can greatly assist you in purchasing the bike. Though this is the case, you can still contact the company on the phone or through email and the customer services team will answer all your questions and address your concerns.

6ku Bike Pros

  • 6ku fixed gear bike is one of the cheapest bikes in the market and you will get a high quality bike at $200.
  • The bikes come in different colors and you can get a color that best fits your needs and preferences.
  • These bikes have thicker tires which are great for tricks and for jumping up and down without having to worry about bursting the tube.
  • High quality components and parts that add to the durability of the bike.
  • Great lean response which ensures that you lean a little and the bike turns a lot.

6ku Bike Cons

  • The company has limited information about the bikes on the website. This includes the warranty period and return policy.
  • Commuters might find the seat uncomfortable and most replace it with a more comfortable seat.
  • You might want to change the handlebars you intend to use the bike for racing.